The Dome of Saint George Church at Wadi Natroun – Egypt

Half the diameter of the dome is 4.50 meters. total area of painting about 120 square meters. The theme of the design is inspired from the festivities of the Coptic Church choosing different characters connected to the Coptic calendar.
Jesus painting with his right hand in a blessing position to the center of the dome and all other characters are surrounding him to stress and achieve the beauty of the dome and to show the characters in a natural positions .
We see Virgin Mary between the two angels - 1 Bashans
On the right ofVirgin Mary , Archangel Michael - 12 Hator
Patriarchs, Abraham , Isaac , Jacob - 28 Mesra
Prophets , Prophet Moses – 8 Tout
From the twelve Apostles, Late Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul - 12 Epep
Coptic Martyrs and Warriors, Saint Mina Alagayby – 8 Hator
Nicene Council, Saint Athnasius (318AD) 9 Hator
Virgins and Saints, Saint Damiena and the Forty Virgins – 30 Toba
Hermits, Saint Paul the Hermit – 12 Amshir
Priests in convents, Father Antony Father of monk – 22 Toba
Pope cyril, the 1st the pillar of paith, 24th
Bishops of Alexandria – Bishops Peter last Christian martyr – 29 Hator
Behind them Saint George the Rome Prince of Martyrs – 23 Baramoda
the old epoch, Children of Bethlehem – 3 Toba
Bishops of the Coptic church,St. Abraam Bishop of Fayoum & Giza - 28 Hator
Christian Church, Saint Kozman and Damien -22 Hator we see facing them from the Seventy Apostles, Saint Stephan (deacon) first
christian Martyr -1 Toba
John the Baptist – celebrating his birth - 26 Tout
Three boys in hell – 10 Bashans on the Virgin’s left Archangel Gabriel
The circular panoramic view ends by returning to Virgin Mary, the epicenter of the characters surrounding Christ carried on a circular cloud, under the cloud we see a symbol of hell where we find the devil symbolizing evil being slain by Archangel Michael, and Saint George slaying the dragon.
On the bottom circle of the dome we find symbols of the four Testaments and some other symbols above the characters they represent. The painting is completed with the four Testaments inside four triangles and some other known symbols like the goblet, offerings, wheat stalk and vine and so the viewer can enjoy the whole dome.

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